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Nueva Productions

"I worked with Ms. Centeno in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she assisted me with event production and marketing. Right off the bat, the fact that she is bilingual was extremely helpful. She was able to field all emails, calls, negotiations and follow-ups in both English and Spanish, depending on what was necessary. Ms. Centeno is well connected and has a solid network of colleagues that she was able to link me with as we put the event together. In this business, "who you know" can get you a long way, and Ms. Centeno was able to use her contacts to get us ahead. In regards to promotions,  she is very knowledgeable of the Latino market, and with her adept marketing skills we were able to sell out the venue for our event. Not only did she provide the business services that I needed to be successful, but she also provides a friendly and positive attitude which is very conducive to a productive working atmosphere. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future."


"Karina with Centeno Marketing went above and beyond in helping plan not one, but two of our fashion shows! She helped behind the scenes in setting up the line up, ensuring the play list was squared away with the DJ, helped in getting us a venue, and the marketing and promotion that went along with it! Bajakini could not have done it without her! With all of the chaos behind the scenes that no one gets to see, Karina made it run so smoothly and was there to handle business and take care of anything that came up so I wasn’t as stressed out as I could have been. I cannot recommend her enough!"

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“I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Karina Centeno is in the area of Web Development. She indeed is a developer and can build a site from scratch. She understands functionality and is great at constructing a site that is robust and fully functioning. She listens to her clients and delivers an outstanding product in a timely fashion that surpasses your initial desires. My company website was wholly designed and developed by her, and I couldn’t be happier with its design and function.”

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